Monday, July 20, 2009

How to Make a My Truck Leroy Metal Star

I thought it may be fun and interesting to some, to see how I make my metal stars. Here is a step-by-step explanation of how I do it. Hopefully you will find it interesting and/or helpful. Here is what the finished product looks like:How to Make a My Truck Leroy Metal Star:
Items you will need-
Plasma Cutter Torch & Air Compressor
Piece of Sheet Metal
MIG welder
Metal Grinding Disk
Metal Sanding Disk
Stained glass
Stained glass cutter

1. Cut a Star shape from a piece of sheet metal with a plasma torch.

2. Draw designs on the star with a marker.
3. Cut the designs out using a plasma torch

4. Grind the excess metal off with a metal grinder.

5. Change out the grinder disk with a sanding disk and sand the metal to give the star a shinny finish.
6. Weld a washer to the top of the star (used to hang the star).

7. Cut out a shape for the candleholder from sheet metal with a plasma torch. This will make the bottom of the candleholder.
8. Draw designs on the newly cut out candleholder bottom.
9. Cut the designs out with a plasma torch.
10. Take the bottom of the candleholder and weld to a piece of metal approximately 1 to 1 ½ inches. Slowly work your way around the bottom piece by bending the metal, weld, bend metal, weld, and so on until it the newly attached side is shaped to the bottom piece.

11. Cut the excess metal off with a plasma torch.
12. Using the excess metal just cut off; weld the back on to the candleholder.
13. Cut the excess metal off with a plasma torch.
14. Put the finished candleholder in a vice. Using a grinder remove any excess metal from the bottoms, sides, and top of the candleholder.
15. Determine where you would like the candleholder to be placed on the star, clamp and weld the two pieces together.
16. Now you have the basic metal star candle holder
17. For extra details weld dots on the back.
18. Add stained glass.
19. Weld on mesh.
20. Embellish with washers
21. Paint with Enamel

There you have it! Hang it indoors or outdoors on a wall or just hanging from a tress. Use it to light a romantic dinner, a party sitting area, or just to add a little brightness to the environment. You could even put a small potted plants in it-like herbs! Whatever you do, just be creative!

Brought to you by Jess VanNess of My Truck Leroy. Copyright My Truck Leroy 2009.

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